Key IoT Trends Observed in 2018

Gartner predicted 8.4 billion connected “things” across industries and verticals back at the beginning of 2017. Today, Statista more than doubles that number and registers as many as 20 billion IoT devices around the world. These numbers only confirm that the Internet of Things (IoT) remains one of the biggest game-changers and trends […]

How Cellular Will Contribute to the IoT Wars

A new study conducted by the GSMA and InterDigital has highlighted some important transitions in the field of IoT that have started to become a reality with everyday deployment of the technology. The report, titled ‘Mobile and the Internet of Things: Unanimity Around Fragmentation, Surprises In Connectivity And Geography’, notes […]

Consumer IoT vs. IIoT

IIot is a huge market. Although there is the more commonly known consumer sector, it’s worthwhile to note that the industrial sector, while not as much a household name, provides more clear-cut and defined efficiencies than the volatile consumer market. According to Chris Nelson, vice president of engineering at OSIsoft, the […]

5 Ways IoT is Reinventing Businesses Today

Leveraging IoT has evolved from a connectivity strategy to transforming business efficiency and performance. According to a recent Forbes Insights survey of 700 executives, “45% report IoT has helped boost profits by 1% to 5%, and another 41% say the impact has boosted them by 5% to 15% annually. Over […]

How IoT is Improving the Logistics Sector

According to a recent article from Thomas News, by 2022 the Internet of Things will be an incredibly busy industry, especially in the logistics sector. Conducted by HTF Marketing Intelligence Consulting Pvt. Ltd., the “WORLDWIDE IOT IN LOGISTICS MARKET” study found that the market will grow at an estimated compound annual […]

What the Heck is the Internet of Things?

It seems you cannot pick up a business magazine today without stumbling upon an article gushing over the amazing potential that the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing – including new business efficiencies, ushering in new technological innovations in products, and seemingly just making all of our lives somehow ten […]